Personal Injury

Accidents can leave you emotionally, physically and financially strained. The Law Office of Joe Boyd can help you get the money you deserve, but more than that, we will help you through this difficult time with compassion and understanding.


Insurance companies underpay claims and rush people to settlement, often sending checks directly to you without your having agreed to a resolution. NEVER CASH A CHECK FROM AN INSURANCE COMPANY you did not ask for without first asking an attorney to review it.


We can help with your claim resulting from:

·     Car Accidents

·     Truck Accidents

·     Motorcycle Accidents

·     RV Accidents

·     Tractor Trailer Accidents

·     Slip and Falls

·     Assaults

·     Premises Liability

·     Negligent Entrustment

·     Construction Accidents

·     Falling Trees


Injured? We handle all types of injuries!

·     Back Injuries

·     Neck Injuries

·     Brain Injuries

·     Shoulder Injuries

·     Arm Injuries

·     Hand/Wrist Injuries

·     Foot/Ankle Injuries

·     Occupational Illness

·     Burns

·     Trauma/Psychological Injuries/PTSD

·     Aggravations

Workers’ Compensation

When an on the job injury threatens your physical and financial wellbeing it can be hard to know where to turn and what to do next. The Law Office of Joe Boyd can help you navigate the hazards of the Workers’ Compensation system allowing you to focus on what really matters – getting better. 


Insurance companies deny (“controvert”) claims they think will cost less to fight than to pay. We aggressively push claims forward to acceptance or hearings, maximizing claims for top settlement value. We have successfully defended against claims of:

·     Idiopathic Injuries

·     Independent Contractor Status

·     “Willful Violations” (PPE, Company Policy, Etc.)

·     Positive Drug Screens

·     Termination for “Cause” or Lay offs

·     Uninsured Employers

·     Pre-Existing Conditions

·     No Accident or Injury

·     Unrelated Injury or Treatment

·     Lunch Break/Rest Break

·     Horse Play

·     Egress/Ingress (Coming/Going)

·     Deviation for Personal Errand