Report it!  No matter how minor the injury may seem at the time, be sure to document your on the job accident by reporting it to your supervisor as soon as practical. Document the person you spoke with and the date, as well as any information you are given about insurance or doctors.  Failure to promptly report an accident or injury may cause serious problems down the road.  

Once you have reported your on the job injury you should ask to see a medical provider.  Except in an emergency situation, it is very important to see a doctor who is covered by your Employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance. If the doctor takes you out of work provide a copy of the work excuse to your employer and keep a copy for your records. If you are given restrictions you should provide a copy to your employer and ask for a job within those restrictions.  Keep a copy of the restrictions for your records and to have on hand when you return to work.

Workers’ Compensation claims are designed to run quickly and without attorney involvement.  If all parties do what they are supposed to that works well.  But in reality, the insurance companies are more concerned about saving money.  If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities in the Workers’ Compensation system, give us a call.  We will be happy to discuss your individual claim at no cost to you.


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